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Uncovering the secrets to getting your cushion styling right every time!

If you're like me, you take your cushion style seriously. After all, they're the perfect way to inject a little personality into any room.

The Design Studio

Since the beginning of 2022, some of you may have been following along closely enough to have noticed we are building a design studio in the backyard.

Find Your Home Style

Follow these tips to create a home that truly reflects what’s in your heart. Finding your style can be daunting. It’s involved and it might take



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Hunt down the ones that make your heart sing...


Think of each piece as a long-term investment. “Don’t be afraid to take your time,” says Rhiannon, “List out the necessary pieces and hunt down the ones that make your heart sing.”

Rhiannon Lee – Easy Ways to Add Japandi Style to Your Home, The Spruce