At Oleander and Finch Interiors, we offer online eDecorating solutions to help you create a professionally designed look and style without having to leave your home.

Who is Rhiannon Lee?

I’m drawn to contemporary neutral tones associated with botanical and organic materials. When you meet with me, you’ll learn that I want to empower you to explore your own style and to inspire confidence in your design choices.  Oleander & Finch is not just a creative outlet – I am your collaborator.  I bring the online interior edesign expertise but you bring your own unique vision.



Having a newborn baby has meant Rhiannon struggled working at home through Covid-19 lockdowns whilst running her successful business and managing family commitments all in one space. There was no separation between work and family, so she decided to convert space in her backyard into a small design studio which has been a long time coming, according to Rhiannon.

“I didn’t have a space carved out in our home dedicated to my work and I spend long days and nights at my dining table.” On top of work space for mood board creation, most of Rhiannon’s client interactions are virtual and so having a place to zoom without kids and family life interrupting her was essential.


What is Virtual Design

Technology is changing the way we do everything – even interior design.  Whereas traditional design services involve a visit to your home from an interior designer, edesign is conducted entirely online using webcams and modern communication tools such as video chat, email, phone calls, and video.  There are many benefits of online interior edesign with Oleander and Finch Interiors – you access collaborative design support that is affordable and flexible but also true to your vision.

Online Interior DesignOnline Interior Design
Online Interior DesignOnline Interior Design
Online Interior DesignOnline Interior Design
Online Interior DesignOnline Interior Design


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Your wardrobe probably knows your home palette before you do


Sometimes when I’m discussing colours with a client and they’re not sure, we go to the wardrobe. I’m not kidding, there is absolutely a correlation between your clothes style and your home style. It’s a perfect place to start. What do you see lots of? Greens and blues? Greys and blacks? Pinks and warm, earthy colours? Your wardrobe probably knows your home palette before you do!

Rhiannon Lee, How to find your style guide 



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